Our Story

Apparel for a heritage sport, redefined for an innovative generation.

Loushia cultivates the concept of empowerment and perseverance in young females by creating high-performing apparel made especially for them. Inspired by the youth equestrian athlete, fueled by movement, positivity, and confidence; Loushia advocates the values that we aspire to instill within our future young humans.

Designed Exclusively for Young Riders

We designed Loushia exclusively for young riders to ensure that they looked and felt their best while also holding up to multiple rides and washes.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Loushia we plan to focus on every aspect of our supply chain and find ways to do better in ALL areas. We strive as a company to produce only what the market needs and to avoid mass production that will only end up with higher amounts of product in land fills.

Behind the Brand

Loushia is inspired by Nicolette Myers's daughter Layla, a young rider who demanded comfort while looking like a professional. Nicolette merged her daughter's sense of style and very high expectations of what she needs and wants in apparel while training in her sport. Knowing that these designs check all of Layla's design requirements reassured her mama that most all other young riders would also approve.


"I found it very challenging to shop for appropriate equestrian training clothes for Layla during her first year riding. She wanted to dress like her trainers and look professional, but also demanded comfort.  Many of the brands I found were itchy, scratchy, too hot, not breathable, moisture wicking or just plain not pleasing to the eye for her. And some were very expensive yet would not stand up to multiple wearing and washings and would be discarded before six months were up. I would often 'piece-meal' items by shopping from multiple websites, in stores locally and try non-equestrian performance labels.  It was frustrating and I knew I could fill this gap with my business background and inherent desire to start a biz like this."

- Nicolette, Owner